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Ty's Home Base

America in the 60s was a time of change, questioning, and rebellion. Lots of stuff was happening. Society was changing and music was one of the voices of in the storm. Events and attitudes of the 60s forever changed America and the world.

We know about Elvis, the British Invasion, psychedelic rock but that time also produced some crazy cool garage bands.

Listen to this heartfelt and often rebellious music and you will hear familiar sounds if you take the time to really listen. You will be amazed at what you hear from those talented garage band cats. The foundation of lots of mainstream music came from the early garage bands.

One garage band cat is Ty Wagner hailing from Tustin, CA. Ty belted out music at a number of 60s hotspots including: It’s Boss, The Trip, The Brave New World, Harmony Park, The Rendezvous, and other spots on the Hollywood Strip. Hits include Slander and I’m A No Count. Ty also had a number of television appearances and opened for popular 60s rock band, The Byrds.

I’m a No Count had much success locally and internationally. This song is covered by many artists to this day. An original vinyl 45 produced by Don Ralke sells for $1000s online but good luck finding a rare collectable like that. I’m a No Count is an international rebel theme to this day.

The 60s are gone but the music and the legends live on. Many legends live hidden among us in plain sight. The real estate broker, or attorney, or public school teacher facade may be mask a secret music rebel. Many of these cats still have music to belt out, things to say, and can still kick ass.

Stay tuned, Ty is back…